Live drawing, infographics and illustrations

‘Tins’ is Frisian for ‘thought, idea’, and it is the name of a versatile, mobile and flexible visual facilitation company. Tins is about live drawing (visual recording) and brainstorm facilitation. From postcard-sized illustrations to poster-sized infographics: basically anything that gets your information easier-to-digest.

Tins works with paper-and-markers, paint and brushes and digital techniques to bring your information to life. The style Tins uses is clear lined, bright colored, light-footed with a good dose of fun. Besides being technically skilled in drawing, the artist (Astrid Spoelstra) has a lot of experience in working in complex organizations herself. She is used to asking the right questions and to facilitate or lead your meeting with a keen eye for the underlying processes.

Having your meetings recorded and processed by means of drawings truly makes a difference. Drawings simply have a bigger impact than a written report. They are easy to share on social media, or to blow up to a lasting legacy to hang on your office wall.


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